I have a selection of Remote Event Receivers (.svc) hosted in a web app in Azure, different triggers for each (deleting, updating, adding etc.). I first deployed them normally and connecting using username and password and these all worked as expected. I have recently switched to App only, where i have given this API full permissions on SharePoint :

  • Have full control of all site collections
  • Read and write items and lists in all site collections
  • Read items in all site collections
  • Read and write items in all site collections
  • Read managed metadata
  • Read and write managed metadata
  • Read user profiles
  • Read and write user profiles

A certificate has also been created, added to TSL part and details needed added to the configuration. However after i deployed the event receivers i discovered they do not work, i added some logging and they are not even getting triggered. Thanks in advance and if you need any more information let me know

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