How do I get just the "Description" text without all the formatting tags? It is an enhanced rich text column, is there a way for me to keep it that way and get the text when I call for it? I tried using Get Items and it is behaving the same way. I also tried odata=nometadata. thanks for any help!
enter image description here

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That's what rich text field works in SharePoint online. The value in this field would be wrapped with html tag.

Here are two options for you:

  1. Change the field to Plain text.
  2. As @teylyn said, use the action HTML to Text to convert the value.

enter image description here enter image description here


HTML tags in an enhanced rich text field is not metadata. By definition, the tags are part of the field contents.

There is an action called HTML to Text that you can use to convert a rich text field to plain text. Depending on what all was included in the field, the readability of the result may suffer, though.

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