I have a column with name Secure in my SharePoint list. And I want to set validation in that column as below mentioned conditions. and if any user not entered in that format than , he will not able to save the form.

Condition :-

  1. it should contain total 12 characters
  2. first four character should be Alphabet (i.e. A to Z)
  3. next 4 characters should be any number between 0 to 9
  4. next 4 character should follow DDMM format (i.e. DD should allow maximum value 31/30/29/28 as per month and MM should between 01 to 12)

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Because there is no clear year information, it is impossible to tell whether February is 28 or 29 days.

However, you could create three columns to achieve your plan:

Please the following steps:

  1. Column1: Test[Single line of text]

In the Test field, you must to enter 8 characters:

  • The first 4 characters are uppercase letters
  • The last 4 characters are numbers from 0 to 9




  1. Column2: Date[Date and Time]


  1. Column3:IDs[Calculated]

The IDs field automatically generates a unique identifier based on the value of the Test field and the Date field, without your manual operation.




Error vs Success

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