I want to modify SharePoint Online home page. I am trying to add the html, css and js in snnipt webpart but its not get work. I want to add the the Text, images and sliders section on the home page. I want to this using available webpart in SharePoint online. Can anyone please help out me in this?

  • Are you using modern experience or classic experience? Which webpart are you using? Nov 24, 2020 at 17:30

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If you are using Code snippet web part on modern pages, it cannot be used to render code snippets but only “display code as text on your page for others to use or learn from”, quoted from the document.

If you want to render custom code on the home page, take a look at the page and web part model SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Build client-side web part and perform responding actions.

Please note that customization on modern pages is restricted. See the reference here for supported customizations: Customizing "modern" site pages.

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