When the MS flow runs it raises the following error on a "Start and Wait for Approval" action:-

The request failed. Error code: 'XrmSystemUserDisabled'. Error Message: 'The CDS system user record representing user 'admin.user@***.com' is disabled. Please ask a database administrator to enable this user.'.

Here is a screen shot of my Flow and the error i am getting:- enter image description here

now the admin.user@***.com is our global admin and is enabled,,, so why the error is saying that the user account is disabled... any advice? Also seems all the Connections are working well as follow:- enter image description here

so not sure what is going on?

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    You can try deleting the approval connection and recreating it as it seems little older. Does your flow use any CDS actions? – Matiur Rahman Nov 18 '20 at 13:33

Have you encountered the following error?


This issue occurs when the last Flow license (or Office license that includes Flow) expires in your tenant. In this situation, the Flow service is disabled in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Please follow these steps:

Note: These steps can be performed only by the tenant admin.

1.Go to Azure Active Directory admin center

2.Click on Azure Active Directory in the navigation bar AD

3.Click on Enterprise applications, then go to All applications enter image description here

4.Paste 7df0a125-d3be-4c96-aa54-591f83ff541c into the filter input. enter image description here

5.Select Microsoft Flow Service, and then select Properties.

6.Make sure that the Enabled for users to sign-in? option is set to Yes.

7.Click Save.


Have a nice day!

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