In the SharePoint online admin center, I'm unable to approve API access for my SharePoint spfx app. I keep getting this error: 'resourceid cannot be empty'

The app already works on another tenant. I am tenant and SharePoint admin.

Any idea's what I'm missing?


enter image description here


Above issue occur, if resource Id is not correct. When we define permission in Package.Json "webApiPermissionRequests": [ { "resource": "spfx", "scope": "user_impersonation" } ]

Resource means your Azure Active Directory instance name. It should match and scope should also be defined in that AAD instance.

Screen Shot FYR. enter image description here

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It is probably another error. I suggest you try to approve with powershell, this will give you a better error message. I had the same issue, and the reason was that I missed one space in the resource name. With powershell, I got a better error message.


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