I was searching for detailed description about permission scopes and the operations I can perform using them. However, I only found this information:

  • Read – Enables apps to view pages, list items, and download documents.
  • Write – Enables apps to view, add, update, and delete items in existing lists and document libraries.
  • Manage – Enables apps to view, add, update, delete, approve, and customize items or pages within a web site.
  • Full Control – Enables apps to have full control within the specified scope.

But it does not tell which permission scope is the lowest needed for e.g.:

  • creating a site (from tenant-admin site)
  • applying a template to a site
  • creating a group
  • adding a person to a group
  • creating a site column
  • creating a content type

I only found this information dated early 2014 from a user who states that for creating a subsite FullControl permissions are needed but I can only guess that it also applies to all of the aforementioned operations. Have someone experimented with other operations and can guarantee that all of these operations require FullControl permissions?

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For creating a site from tenant admin site, creating a group and adding a person to a group, it needs Full Control permission.

For applying a template to a site, creating a site column and creating a content type, it needs at least Manage permission.

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