I am trying to create a calculated column with nested if statements. Due to my users not wanting to format the phone number correctly I am creating this new column to take the phone number in the other column and format it for them. I need the format to be based of their country origin. There are only two countries for this, US and Australia.

My code that keeps returning a syntax error is below. Thank you everyone in advance for your insight.

=IF(ISBLANK([Mobile Number],"")),
      IF([Country Origin] = "US"
     ,TEXT([Mobile Number],"(000) 000-0000"),
     IF([Country Origin] = "Australia"
        ,TEXT([Mobile Number],"+61 (00) 0000-0000"),

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I can see that there are some problems with parentheses in your formula.

Try this:

=IF(ISBLANK([Mobile Number]),"", IF([Country Origin] = "US", TEXT([Mobile Number],"(000) 000-0000"), IF([Country Origin] = "Australia", TEXT([Mobile Number],"+61 (00) 0000-0000"),"")))

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