I am in the process of creating a custom theme, and I saw an article stating you could add in an accent color with "accent"="#FFF601;"

I added this value to the theme and it shows up on the select a theme screen but I do not see it anywhere on the webpage when the theme is applied. How do you add an accept color? I am having a hard time getting two good colors into the theme.


The "Accent color" is used in text shading (in the Hero Web part), which is not visible since the “Topic heading text” is empty by default.

I have not found this color in another location though. See the reference here: Setting the Accent Color of Your Modern Site’s Custom Theme.

enter image description here

  • Boy that stinks. I am struggling to add a third color without it looking totally bizarre. My primary color is a bold blue, and I have an accent of yellow or light blue I want to appear sporadically. – Miss Potato Beans Nov 10 '20 at 14:44

So I utilized the theme generated based on my primary colors, then modified the two background colors that were not white or the primary to match colors we use company wide. I used the accent color but again its a joke a its so minor used. The plan going forward is to use json formatting and spfx to add in the pops of color that I could not add into the palette branding.

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