Pretty simple: I have a lookup column that references another list of strings (multiple selection text field). In a workflow I want to get the values from that lookup column so I can put them in an email.

The email goes something like this:

Hello [user], [person] has requested you take the following actions: [actions]

The [actions] part is simply putting in that lookup column, I want to list all the actions that have been selected. I'm getting halfway there, it does return the list of actions, but it comes back with a lot of unnecessary data in addition to the values. Here's what it looks like now:

[{"@odata.type":"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference","Id":1,"Value":"Approval"},{"@odata.type":"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference","Id":4,"Value":"Coordinate"},{"@odata.type":"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference","Id":9,"Value":"Note and return"}].  

Question: How do I simply select the values from a lookup column in Power Automate?

  • I've already posted a response in this forum, you can take a look here Nov 9, 2020 at 14:38

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Please try as follows:

enter image description here

Then use the following expression in email body:

substring(variables('All action value'),0,sub(length(variables('All action value')),1))

enter image description here

My test list:

enter image description here

Email I received:

enter image description here

Similar issue for your reference:


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