I'm working on a SharePoint setup for a small legal office. Each legal matter must have all emails saved in a correspondence list specific to that matter (on some transactions this can mean hundreds of emails). Therefore, we need:

  1. The ability to save multiple emails with the same document title in SharePoint (eg there may be multiple files named "RE: Agreement Name - Client Name" saved to the list; and

  2. Columns in the list to show "Date Received", "Date Sent", "Email From" and "Email To".

Any hints of where to start with this would be massively appreciated. I've already enabled a unique document ID for each document in the SharePoint library and major + minor versioning, if that context helps.

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I think your requirements are universal. This is something many companies struggle with.

There are several options:

  1. Use one of the many Outlook add-ins to allow users to archive email to SharePoint and extract email metadata such as Date Sent, etc.. See here. This option adds the "logic" to Outlook.

  2. Use Apps in SharePoint that offer the required funtionality (extract email metadata and generate unique documents) see e.g. here or here The logic is added to SharePoint (SharePoint Online or on-premise) and works on mac OS and Windows clients.

  3. Develop your own solution Do not underestimate the complexity. The msg file format is a binary format. If you have eml emails then things become simpler.

  4. Use Power Automate to extract the email metadata and then also make sure the uploaded email has a unique name. Search forums for examples. This basically works in the "background".


  • Thanks for the explanation. I'd like to learn how to develop my own solution here. Would you be able to explain what I'd need to get started to learn that?
    – Aaron
    Oct 31, 2020 at 4:04

To achieve this you'll need to build a VSTO add-in which will work on native Outlook applications and a web add-in to target OWA and OSX users.

You'll need to consider cost vs benefit of developing such a solution as there is a lot of development involved from my experience. There are a few third-party solutions that might be cheaper to run than spend time on developing this; as an example - https://konnectemail.com (Disclaimer - I work as a developer here)

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