I want to retrieve an item from a SharePoint Online list (Office 365) and print it out in a form format.

I have looked at a few ways which involve using power automate and third party tools which such as Muhimbi and Encodian to put the item's values into a HTML form template and convert and download the as a PDF.

However this solution requires paying for the third party apps which is extremely expensive.

Is there anyway that I can work around this. Are there any other methods of generating and printing the form with the values of the SharePoint list item ?

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There are couple of ways you can try:

  1. Using SPFx List View command set:

Check out the Community demo on printing list items using templates with SharePoint Framework list view command set.

Code Sample: Print List Item Command View Set

  1. Using Power Automate:

You can use OneDrive for Business action "Convert file" to convert an HTML file to PDF.

Reference: Generate PDF from SharePoint list item


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