I have the following problem: I use SharePoint 2016 and I have an own page inside this SharePoint environment. It's basically structured the following way www.foo.something.com/somenumber/ To make it easier for the users I would like to use the following construct www.bar.something.com which redirects to www.foo.something.com/somenumber/ What would be the standard way to do it?


Unless www.bar.something.com is already a SharePoint Web Application, what I would do is stand up one (or more for high availability) web servers (IIS, Apache, or a cloud-based service like an Azure Front Door) and implement an HTTP 301 redirect which will allow you to redirect requests to that URL to your target URL.

If it is a Web Application, you can place a JS snippet on the home page of that site in the master page or in the Script Editor Webpart.


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