I’m working a PowerApp linked to a SharePoint calendar that is used for office cube reservations.

I am trying to enforce unique values on my custom column for the list of cubes to prevent them from being double-booked, but by default this unique value is enforced across the entire calendar list.

Is it possible to enforce unique values by calendar day as opposed to the calendar’s entire list?

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First, it is not possible to enforce unique values in a calendar list by day. The OOB list setting work on a list range by default.

Second, if you are using custom list form using PowerApps, it does not check for duplicate entries before the form gets submitted.

A common workaround would be using Power Automate to check after the new event creation, and delete the duplicate entry if any. Here is an example: Prevent double booking SharePoint calendar for the day.

In addition, there is a PowerApps Office Template named Book a Room that might do some help on this scenario. Reference: Office Template: Book a Room now available.

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