I can currently display thumbnail of documents using rest api by using the ServerRedirectedEmbedUri-


But i also have images e.g png files stored in the library. But for the images files the rest api returns null for ServerRedirectedEmbedUri

Any ideas how i can get the thumbnail for images e.g png .

I can use getpreview.ashx

But would like to use the same query for both. Is it possible?

  • What's the column name of the image column?ServerRedirectedEmbedUri? – Amos Oct 27 '20 at 6:30
  • Thanks Amos. But not sure what you mean? The image was uploaded just as the documents were uploaded – naijacoder Oct 29 '20 at 5:36
  • I mistakenly thought you were using the new column type Image in SharePoint Online. – Amos Oct 29 '20 at 5:55

You may have a try below methods:

  • getpreview.ashx. This is recommended as i find that Delve uses this solution to get thumbnails

https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/s01/_layouts/15/getpreview.ashx?path=https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/s01/Shared Documents/4215097.png

  • SP.Publishing.EmbedService/EmbedData

https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/s01/_api/SP.Publishing.EmbedService/EmbedData?url='https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/s01/Shared Documents/4215097.png'&version=1

  • MS Graph API or SharePoint Rest API V2



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