I am unable to determine why SP keeps kicking back on error on the following.

This is a calculated column that is reading the contents of a CertQualTitle column and applying/returning the appropriate 'Number' based on the CertQualTitle to the 'DaystoRenewal' column.

Example: Firefighter I 0 Medical 1095 Fitness Test 365 Fire Officer II 0

=IF(OR(OR(OR(CQTitle="Medical",1095),CQTitle="Fitness Test",365),CQTitle="Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Fit Test",365),CQTitle="Live Fire Refresher",720, 0)

Can someone clarify for me why the above won't deliver the desired result, please?

Thank you!

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Maybe your OR([Col1]="AB", [Col1]="XZ") construct is not correct. Also, [DaystoRenewal] should be of type Number. Let me know if the output doesn't meet your requirements.

Try the below

=IF(CQTitle="Medical",1095,IF(OR(CQTitle="Fitness Test",CQTitle="Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Fit Test"),365,IF(CQTitle="Live Fire Refresher",720,0)))

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