How to filter "Yes/No (check box)" field from lookup list using PnP/REST API?

I can filter other columns with different types but not able to filter "Yes/No (check box)" field.

It is showing below error message:

The query to field 'LookupList/LookupField' is not valid.

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Extending Yes/No field using lookup columns is not supported in SharePoint. So, you will not be able fetch or add the filter on Yes/No field from lookup list.

Supported Column Types:

  • Single line of text
  • Number
  • Date and Time

Unsupported Column Types:

  • Multiple lines of text
  • Currency
  • Person or Group
  • Calculated
  • Hyperlink or Picture
  • Custom Columns
  • Yes/No
  • Choice
  • Lookup

Microsoft official documentation: Create list relationships by using unique and lookup columns

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