I tried it several times with chrome whenever am at the 30th the row in the list it stops showing the rest of the rows.

When I inspect element browser it loads the rest of the rows or when I move the mouse several times up and down in the scroll bar.


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Please share the element you are using so that we will know which one is causing the problem.

And if you are using the style format float when building tile/card view, then yes, it is a known issue which display only the first 30 items after page refreshing (reporting posts can be referred in Ganesh Sanap’s comment).

Here is a workaround for the mentioned issue: How to create a Tile view on modern SharePoint lists.

I haven’t found other elements causing the same issue. Please do update in this thread if you are using another one.

  • no am using flexbox for style, all the code is in here github.com/pnp/sp-dev-list-formatting/blob/master/view-samples/…
    – draco00
    Oct 19, 2020 at 10:19
  • @draco00 Thanks for sharing. Have tested the sample though, it shows all items as you described, just not for the first time and takes a few scrolling down the page. That’s different from the reports we provided which shows the first 30 items no matter what. I’m not sure if it will be considered as a bug or not. Oct 20, 2020 at 1:23

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