I am trying to filter two fields or more that is clean of null values.

It works for the first field but it is not working for the second field:

<View><Query><Where><IsNotNull><FieldRef Name='CustomField'/></IsNotNull><IsNotNull><FieldRef Name='LaborCategory'/></IsNotNull></Where></Query></View>
  • What is the data type of LaborCategory and CustomField columns? Oct 18 '20 at 6:34

You need nested query. For each column you need to add AND/OR in query. See this answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/6204309/4069473

  • I tried this solution but got undefined as well
    – kont
    Oct 17 '20 at 11:13

Try using below CAML query:

        <IsNotNull><FieldRef Name='CustomField'/></IsNotNull>
        <IsNotNull><FieldRef Name='LaborCategory'/></IsNotNull>

Official documentations:

  1. IsNotNull element (Query)
  2. CAML Query schema
  • it does not work actually because am trying to iterate the list to get two results and i think i cant do that, so that i did function for each one
    – kont
    Oct 18 '20 at 20:16
  • here is what am trying to do after mapping the caml query: while (listItemEnumerator1.moveNext()) { var oListItem1 = listItemEnumerator1.get_current(); $("#labcategory").append('<option>' + oListItem1.get_item('LaborCategory') + '</option>') $("#company").append('<option>' + oListItem1.get_item('CustomField') + '</option>') }
    – kont
    Oct 18 '20 at 20:17

Even though this question is already answered. I would still recommend you to use U2U which will help you create and understand complex CAML queries in the future.

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