We have a SharePoint list with bar codes enabled. We also have a Xamarin App that need to scan printed bar codes and then find values in the SharePoint list that matches the value. But how do you get the value from a given scanned bar code in a Xamarin app that matches the standard SharePoint Online uses?

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SharePoint generates a classic Code 128 Barcode

Modern list example enter image description here

The same SharePoint barcode when we click on it:

enter image description here

To read the Code 128 in Xamarin, use any of the C# Barcode reading library. For example, ZXing

Small example decoding a barcode inside a bitmap (.Net 2.0/3.5/4.x). Source

// create a barcode reader instance
IBarcodeReader reader = new BarcodeReader();
// load a bitmap
var barcodeBitmap = (Bitmap)Image.LoadFrom("C:\\sample-barcode-image.png");
// detect and decode the barcode inside the bitmap
var result = reader.Decode(barcodeBitmap);
// do something with the result
if (result != null)
   txtDecoderType.Text = result.BarcodeFormat.ToString();
   txtDecoderContent.Text = result.Text;
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