I am cerating a SharePoint Designer Workflow 2013.

Trigger action - When item is created.

On creation of an item I am setting unique permissions based on two person and group field from an item. (i.e. Owner and Additional Creator)

Owner --> allow multiple selection is - false

Additional Creator --> allow multiple selection is - true

I am using rest end point/addroleassignment to set unique permissions. It works perfectly for Owner field as there is alway single person for this field.

However Additional Creator field contains multiple users. I am not sure how to grant permissions to multiple users from single field through sharepoint designer.

Or how can I can iterate through all the users from Additional Creator field ans use /addroleassignment end point ?


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To loop all users from multiple people column, you can refer to:


It works for multi-value enabled lookup column, you can refer to the same way for the multiple people column.

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