I need to get the query string values from the URL in powerapps.

i.e I have an SP list with Customized powerapps forms, if i pass the value in the URL like "http://TestSite.sharepoint.com/sites/TestSite/Lists/TestList/NewForm.aspx?CompanyName=Microsoft &CompanyID=1".

I should able to get that CompanyName value and CompanyID value in powerapps forms. I tried Param(CompanyName) method but didn't get the value from query string.

Is there any solution to get the parameter value from query string in Powerapps.

Thanks in Advance!.

  • Just to double check have you tried using Param("CompanyName") with quotes? - Comment by Nathan B – Ganesh Sanap Oct 15 '20 at 3:24

The Param function does not work for SharePoint custom forms since it does not function as a canvas app. You will have to browse to the list form using the URL "web.powerapps.com" in order to get the query string.

I am not seeing other options to get the query string parameters if we stick in the customized form. Consider building a canvas app in PowerApps instead.

See a Power Apps Ideas post here (also has workarounds discussed): SharePoint Custom Form - "Param" does not work.

Another article on this feature for your reference: Passing a Param object to a SharePoint PowerApp list form and why it doesn’t work.

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