I made a simple hello world spfx web part by following the tutorial on the MS page. I published it, presented on my sharepoint online page and happy. But looks like, it only works for internal users. Guest users receive this error message:

[SPLoaderError.loadComponentError]: Failed to load component "b3691b8c-374c-4c6d-956a-857272b91f06" (DemoWebPart). Original error: Failed to load path dependency "DemoWebPartStrings" from component "b3691b8c-374c-4c6d-956a-857272b91f06" (DemoWebPart). Original error: Error loading https://component-id.invalid/b3691b8c-374c-4c6d-956a-857272b91f06_0.0.1/DemoWebPartStrings Unable to load script https://mytenant.sharepoint.com/sites/TestPnP/ClientSideAssets/dfab63f6-e983-42c1-be04-fe4ae0534a62/demo_-demowebpartstrings_en-us_536e65149b0acf4d52c0043073b9fc59.js

  • I am not using CDN, the application is published to the application catalog. I tried: Publishing the app on site collection application catalog instead
  • Giving more and more rights to the test guest user, I even made it site collection administrator for both the tenant and the site collection app catalog, just to make sure it is not a permission problem.

None of these helped. Any advice welcome.

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Guest users don't have access to the app catalog. Take a look at this article, it explains the problem in more detail and how you can solve it.

  • Permissions checked. As described in the post, the guest user has already more than enough access: site collection admin on both the application catalog and the test site that contains the app. The site collection app catalog inherits permissions.
    – vilmarci
    Oct 2, 2020 at 18:17

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