I need to setup a Due Date calculated column on an SPO list and whilst I've managed to work out the formula for days, I cant quite work out hours?!

I have SLA priorities on my list as per the below:

5= 365 days

4= 5 days

3= 5 days

2= 1 day

1= 8 hours


Someone suggested I try the below however I receive an invalid syntax error:

=IF(Priority="5", addDays(Created, 365), IF(Priority="4", addDays(Created, 5), IF(Priority="3", addDays(Created, 5), IF(Priority="2", addDays(Created,1),IF(Priority="1", addHours(Created,8))))))

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My test worked for the following:

Adding hours to a date field: [Created]+(8/24)


enter image description here

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