We have a number of Lists & Libraries in SharePoint Online, and a number of Power Automate Flows that were created by another team (they don't work with us anymore). The names given to those Flows are a bit cryptic and there's hundreds of them. So now the question is- how do I find out which Flow is connected to which List or Library? I don't want to open each and every Flow manually. Thought there must be a better way to find this out? Also, how can I take ownership of those Flows (once I find the relevant ones)?

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Currently, there is no OOB solution to get the Flow associations with SharePoint lists. You will have to consider custom solutions, for example, access details about flows attached to the list using the CSOM.

Another reference: Show all Flows Attached/Triggered by a SharePoint Online List.

Also, you won’t be able to run the flows unless they are shared with you. So there is no really a way to take ownership, the owner has to add your account as an extra owner.

Reference: How to find out what are the flows attached to a list not created by me?

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