I have a DataTable that uses AJAX to pull from 8 different SharePoint lists, and organizes them based on there Program attribute, then child row is organized by the Deliverable attribute, followed by the grandchild rows which is the remaining information about the "Deliverable". Everything about that aspect works perfectly for my DataTable.

However, I need to be able to write back information to this DataTable, so the easiest route I thought to take would to be a HTML form read the input, then post it to the corresponding SharePoint list based on its "Program" attribute. I have the form built under the DataTable and I cannot figure out how to get it to send to the SharePoint list. I am currently only using only one Program just to see if it works and I am unsuccessful. I tried to console.log() a few things and nothing showed up.

Here is a picture of my table and form. enter image description here

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