using share point designer 2013 i can not open master page and edit master page all the settings for share point designer allowed for web application level.

SharePoint Farm has 2 WFE Servers Web Application created on Port 81 Web Application URL: First WFE Server name & Port: http://spTestWfe1:81 Port 81 is allowed from my PCto WFE

when i try to edit master pages or page layouts below is the message from SPD enter image description here

could not find a webserver at '' on port 81. please check to make sure that the web server name is valid and your proxy settings are set correctly sharepoint designer

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Here're some tips for you to troubleshooting the issue.

1.Go to central administration -> Manage web applications -> Select the web application -> Authentication Providers -> Under Zone, click Default to open the Edit Authentication page -> Set Enable Client Integration as Yes.

2.Check whether use default zone in the AAM.

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