I am using SharePoint Online Communication site and while i am trying to upload custom page templates i could not upload them and the migration tool says "Failure to upload document: Access denied."


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The issue occureses when the customization are made to a "Group team site" or a "Communication site" witch are "Modern sites".

In that case a additionnal step is requared, witch is "enable customize scripts using PowerShell".

Here's PowerShell for you.

$TenantAdminURL= "https://tenant-admin.sharepoint.com"
$SiteURL= "your site collection URL"

#Connect to Tenant Admin
Connect-PnPOnline $TenantAdminURL -UseWebLogin

#Get the Tenant Site Object
$Site = Get-PnPTenantSite -Url $SiteURL

#Enable Custom Scripting by turning OFF Deny Flag
$Site.DenyAddAndCustomizePages = "Disabled"



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