I'm adding a huge amount of hyperlink content to an Office 365 SharePoint page that I paste in with the following format:

[[ link name #1 | www.link1.com]]
[[ link name #2 | www.link2.com]]
[[ link name #3 | www.link3.com]]

If I create the hyperlinks manually I have the option to have the link "open in a new tab" is there way to have these links (in markup format) open in new tabs without manually editing each link?

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I’m afraid it is not possible in SharePoint Online Markdown web part.

I’ve read a few posts suggesting that we can use plain HTML in Markdown to achieve this requirement. (One example here: Can I create links with 'target=“_blank”' in Markdown?) However, this feature is not supported by Marked, which is the power engine for Markdown web part.

There is a post in SharePoint UserVoice suggesting the same idea: markdown html support

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