I am currently have prepared a library with a few thousand files which is driven completely by metadata and it works AMAZING, however, I get a lot of issues with metadata library if I am trying to send someone a file via email, or upload a file from email.

To do these tasks I always have to download the file to my computer and only then I can drag and drop to SharePoint or Outlook. I tried to use link attachment but then it just throws me a list of files with no possibility to filter on metadata. Is there any way to make fully Metadata driven library work at all?

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You can drag and drop emails and/or attachments from Outlook to SharePoint using Chrome and Edge. Unfortunately there is no OOTB support for metadata. There are solutions that add metadata functionality. e.g. here Users can drag and drop emails and/or attachments from Outlook directly to SharePoint. Some of the solutions will then automatically extract the email metadata (e.g. subject, from, sent date, ...) and create a unique name. There are also solutions that allow setting custom metadata (e.g. customer ID) for the emails. This part only helps getting files into SharePoint with the proper metadata.

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