Please i need help. I need a formula on share-point online list. I have 3 columns namely: Child care status, Education status, Micro business status. Each of the columns above have (Completed, Initiated, Approved, Partially completed) as their drop down options.

I intend to create a calculated field(Finalstatus) that returns: Completed (If any of the 3 columns reads "completed") Initiated (If any of the 3 columns reads "Initiated") partially completed (If any of the 3 columns reads "Partially completed) Approved (If any of the 3 columns reads "Approved")

Please consider ISBLANK for null values. Please i crave your indulgence to please share your ideas as to how i can get this done.

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I think you have some logic issue with the current statement. This is not possible when any two of the three columns have different values. For example, if Child care status reads Completed and Education status reads Approved, what value should Finalstatus return?

Would you please explain a bit more about the requirement? Or do you mean “If all of the 3 columns read the same value”?

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