Goal: Select a department from a "dropdown-type" list and then display links based on my selection.

I have this working now with HTML/JavaScript, but it's not on my SharePoint Online tenant.

I would like to convert this to a SharePoint list so that my end users can update easily vs. having them deal with HTML/JavaScript.


  1. I want to be able to ask the user to select a location.
  • Site A
  • Site B
  • Site C
  • Etc.
  1. Based on the selection, display a list of links.

Is this possible via out of the box SharePoint Online lists/tools?

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No, not exactly by out of the box SharePoint but you can easily customise the form by using PowrrApp customise form option. You don't need to write a java script instead you will just enter excel type formula and you are done.


Not sure how you plan to display the links, but it does not sound like something achievable with OOB solutions. Here are a few workarounds might help:

  1. PowerApps forms as @Namwar Rizvi suggests. Display the hyperlinks on different screens and configure redirection based on column values.

    Reference: Conditional Navigation - Triggered by User Selection.

  2. Calculated column to display different links based on the choice column value.

  3. Column formatting to give conditional view in a list, or return different URLs to another list of hyperlinks in a column.


What I ended up doing is using a collection of custom views on a custom list that includes the URLs for each area and presented that view in it's own page. Lots of views & pages, but once the first one was done, it was just a copy and replace the text/variables for each new one as appropriate.

*A side note, the build the link list on the parent page, I used a Content Query web part from the PnP solutions and queried the list and wrote a custom template using handlebars to build a dropdown list. This presented a much more usable solution than just a long list of links.

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