In SharePoint 2013 library, When we upload a large file, it gives an error:

Sorry, for some reasons this document can not be uploaded

Or when we upload a file with special characters, it says:

File names cant contain the following characters:....

I need to modify the wordings of these messages but I am not able to find out what are the resource files from which these messages are coming from. I checked on 15 hive but there are lots of .resx files.

Can someone please give me the file name so that it will save a great amount of time for me?

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Modifying files in hive is not recommended as they tend to get overwritten during service pack installations or by configuration wizard.

  • Du. Yes, this point has been highlighted. I just need it to do a PoC. Please let me know the file names.
    – user92505
    Commented Sep 1, 2020 at 10:23

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