I am looking for assistance as I am new to SharePoint.

I need to build a simple form with 4 columns (name, date, item description, quantity) along with a submit button. Form will be used for daily issuance of items and I am open to the simplest way to store the data(list, access database, spreadsheet).

I have created a form with input fields and button button but I don't know how to connect it with data source.

Is there a tutorial available? I appreciate any help.

  • Why don't you use SharePoint list for your data entry? You can add the list to the existing home page as a web-part. SharePoint list has default form that you can use for data entry without any customization Aug 27 '20 at 21:08

The main step is to enable the submit data connection, and then the Data Connection Wizard automatically adds a Submit button to the forms toolbar, which lets you submit edited values for the selected order to the database tables.

Here are some articles for your reference:

Submit form data to a Microsoft Access database.

Connecting Forms to Databases.

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