I am trying to make each function of jquery asynchronous...In sharepoint framework, I am trying to update each line item of HTML table to sharepoint list using PnP JS Core library. For this I am trying below code:

 var itemID :any= $.when(async (result: number): Promise<any> => {
    var data = await getItemID();
    result = data[0].ID;
    return result;
}).then(() =>{
   "Cost": cost

In the above code getItemID() is not getting called and then is executed due to which itemID is coming 'undefined'....

Please suggest any workaround for the same...


You can try creating a async function and later invoking it

async function doSomething(){
//....do something
var result = await getItemID();
 return result[0].ID 

var itemID = await doSomething()

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