Being new to SPFx , I've not able to retrieve values from people and group Attendee column

Below are the steps I followed

Defined Attendee in the below interface

export interface IListItem{
    CourseName:{ID:Number; Title:String;};
    Attendee:{ID:Number; Title:String;};
    Status: {ID:Number; Title:String;};
    Completed: Date;   
import { IListItem } from './ListItemInterface';
export class EntityListItems{
  public CourseNameID:Number;
  public CourseNameTitle:String;
  public Completed:Date;
  public AttendeeID: Number; 
  public AttendeeTitle:String;
  public StatusID: Number; 
  public StatusTitle:String;
  constructor(item: IListItem){
    this.CourseNameID = item.CourseName.ID;
    this.CourseNameTitle = item.CourseName.Title;
    this.Completed = item.Completed;
    this.AttendeeID = item.Attendee.ID;
    this.AttendeeTitle = item.Attendee.Title;
    this.StatusID = item.Status.ID;
    this.StatusTitle = item.Status.Title;

Below is the rest call , where I have expanded the column as shown below

.expand("CourseName", "Attendee", "Status", "AttachmentFiles")
.filter("Status/Title eq 'Not Started'")
.orderBy("Created", false)
.then((response) => {
  let getdetails = response.map((item) => new EntityListItems(item));

While debugging , I get undefined for Attendee on People Picker Column as shown below

enter image description here

Not sure if I am missing out on something and would appreciate if anyone could guide me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance

  • can you please try this and check what you get in browser console? response.map((item) => console.log(item)); Aug 25, 2020 at 11:29
  • @GaneshSanap I am getting the Attendee array to display in the console , so how to construct the interface? I have mentioned the structure of my interface in the question , can you please suggest changes?
    – Viv
    Aug 25, 2020 at 11:43

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Change your interfaces like below:

Add new interface for holding person information:

export interface PersonItem {

Add array of persons to your IListItem interface:

export interface IListItem {
    CourseName: {ID:Number; Title:String;};
    Attendee: PersonItem[];
    Status: {ID:Number; Title:String;};
    Completed: Date;   
  • Thank you for the response Ganesh What changes are required for the EntitiesListItems Class as shown below? import { IListItem } from './ListItemInterface'; export class EntityListItems{ public AttendeeID: Number; public AttendeeTitle:String; constructor(item: IListItem){ this.AttendeeID = item.Attendee.ID; this.AttendeeTitle = item.Attendee.Title; } }
    – Viv
    Aug 25, 2020 at 12:09

Make sure that the Variable u is defined. Otherwise it would make sense that all your Attendee values are undefined

  • Thanks for the response. I have edited the code and removed the usage of the variable u , However that doesn't seem to fix the issue
    – Viv
    Aug 25, 2020 at 11:46

You could print the item to check the value in it.And check if the type of item is IListItem.


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