I have an Infopath form which when clicking submit, posts the data to the associated fields in a Sharepoint document library. The issue I have is this;

1. Field is 'Request Date'.

2. When editing the Sharepoint list item that is created when submitting the Infopath form, this column/field is not visible (have checked to make sure it is a promoted field in Infopath when publishing).

3. When I go to my Sharepoint List settings - I can see the column is there however I cannot click it to configure etc.

4. Have checked Advanced settings and 'Allow Management of content types' is set to 'Yes'

5. Checked the form content type settings (to see if the column is set to 'hidden' however presented with same issue in point 3 above.

6. If, however, I create a new 'view' and include the column, it will show and is capturing the data entered into the InfoPath form.

I hope I'm making sense - I am some-what new to InfoPath and Sharepoint but don't recall ever seeing this happen in the past. Any guidance here would be extremely appreciated as I can't think of anything else to rectify at this point.

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What is the type of this column?

When you create a new item in the list, can you see this column in the new form?

You could try to delete it then re-add,compare the result.

  • Hi Emily, Thanks for the response. It's a Date formatted column in a Document Library (not a standard list). When a new item is created in the list (this happens when an Infopath form is submitted) - the List entry does not show the column. As per above, it seems to only be visible when creating a view and selecting the column. I am wondering if I can can not promote the field when publishing the Infopath form, then re-promote it and publish? Just worried I will loose historical data already held on the Sharepoint list?
    – Jayson
    Aug 19, 2020 at 22:40
  • It's so wired. When you delete the column, the data stored in the column will be deleted. I suggest you re-create a column then re-publish the form. Aug 20, 2020 at 7:36

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