I was curious whether anyone has seen this message before in the screenshot below. I believe the error prevents the granted API permissions showing as these are not visible, although using the below SPOnline cmdlets says otherwise).

Get-SPOTenantServicePrincipalPermissionRequests Get-SPOTenantServicePrincipalPermissionGrants

Enable-SPOTenantServicePrincipal Disable-SPOTenantServicePrincipal

Approve-SPOTenantServicePrincipalPermissionRequest Deny-SPOTenantServicePrincipalPermissionRequest Revoke-SPOTenantServicePrincipalPermission

I've been developing an SPFX application and have probably overfiddled by turning on/off the isDomainIsolated parameter in the config.json file and deleting the duplicate Azure App Registrations entries that occur when deleting and adding again the .sppkg file to the app catalogue.

enter image description here

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.


This appears to be a client side error in the SharePoint Admin center. Regardless of any changes you have made programmatically, this error should not be occurring. You could report the error to Microsoft via a service request. This can be done via the admin portal or phone.

Alternatively, if you are using an older browser, you could try using a modern browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge).

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  • Thanks - my boss has also recommended me to raise a ticket with Microsoft. I'll post any correspondence here when I receive it to help others. – EurocodeHelpers Aug 22 at 21:03
  • Glad to be of help. If this answered your question, then please mark the answer as accepted. – Callum Crowley Aug 23 at 19:52

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