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I have created some flows in my solution in Power automate as shown below:

Fig 1.

enter image description here

When I want to create a parent flow, I can see the old child flows that I removed but I cannot see the new child flow that I have created recently. I cannot find these flows (e.g. IdentifyChanges4Email_v1) that are shown in the dropdown list anywhere in my solution and I cannot find the recent child (i.e.Child_SpotChanes4Parroval_Email) that I created in the solution. I can't understand why this has happened and how to fix this. In simple words, why the flows that I can see in the dropdwonlist of Fig 4 is different from what I see in Fig 1.

I can't remember how I removed those flows that are shown in the drop-down list of "Run as a child", as there are two options:

Fig 2.

enter image description here

The Url of the Child_SpotChanes4Parroval_Email flow.microsoft.com/manage/environments/Default-8d73b928-6d5e-4c72-8533-a45ec5d6cc2b/solutions/6e1170ab-0edc-part2-000d3a6aa1e4/flows/d68efa2a-04da-41cc-b349-536b7a35b476

Fig 3. enter image description here

The Url of Parent Flow: flow.microsoft.com/manage/environments/Default-Part1-a45ec5d6cc2b/solutions/6e1170ab-part2-000d3a6aa1e4/flows/....

Fig 4. enter image description here

As shown by the URL both parent and child are in the same solution.

and the connection string of the child (i.e. Child_SpotChanes4Parroval_Email)

Fig 5.

enter image description here

and my licenses are:

Fig 6.

enter image description here

The whole thing was working a few days ago very well but it messed up yesterday and I guess this might be because of my licensing issue as I have started seeing the trial message as shown below:

Fig 7.

enter image description here

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There is another Power Automate forum where you might also get help from.

Please note that this is a feature under construction. It is better that you contact Microsoft directly (via Service Request or other methods) if you cannot sort the issues out.

The expiration prompt might be the scenario mentioned in this blog: Helpful tips for using Child Flows, according to which, proceed with the trial if prompted will resolve this issue.

Per my test:

  1. If you removed the child flows via Remove > Remove from this solution, the child flow remains in the drop down list in the Run a Child Flow action, and can be added back to the solution via Add existing > Flow > From solutions. Delete from this environment will remove this child flow permanently.
  2. Flows created directly in the solution (including parent flows) will instantly show up in the drop-down list, even if they are not well configured.
  3. Flows added to the solution do not necessarily show up in the drop-down list (in my test none of them showed up). You can see the reference here for the limitations while using the solution: Solutions overview - Known limitations.

I suggest you start another trial and then test again. Create a new child flow in the solution and see if you can reproduce this issue.

  • Thanks @chelsea_MSFT for the links and the suggested forum, much appreciated. Aug 19, 2020 at 2:54

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