I am trying to create a automated flow which will copy the file name into a new column up until the first space in the name. For example:

The uploaded file name is **ZKAL12345-I RTR 123ml Product Label Region 61.PDF so i would like the column to be name ZKAL12345-I

I've found the below code, which works well, however, it stops the naming at the dash (-) and as i am sure you can still im not quite sure how to change it to the requirement above .

substring(triggerBody()?['{Name}'], 0, lastIndexOf(triggerBody()?['{Name}'],'-'))

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks, Artur

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Could you not just do

substring(triggerBody()?['{Name}'], 0, indexOf(triggerBody()?['{Name}'],' '))


indexOf() returns the first index of the searched for value, in this case, a single space, which in your case would be the space between "ZKAL12345-I" and "RTR".

  • Haha, Thank you. That worked. For some reason, I didn't remove the "last" when I tried it.
    – ArturDj
    Aug 14, 2020 at 8:11

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