Is there a way to tell who has modified a list view?

Relatedly, using out-of-the-box settings in Sharepoint, I do not see a way to keep list views from being changed by a specific group of users. Am I overlooking this?

Thanks for any help.

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You can use SharePoint Designer to see who last modified a view. In SPD click on All Files (left nav), select the list/library you want to check, then click on Forms. In the Forms folder, you will see a list of Views and who last modified them. You should be able to view this same info using PowerShell.

You can use permissions to control who can modify views.

  • Thank you, Taco_Buffet. I'll take a look at SPD. I dug a little deeper and I think you're referring to Permission Levels. That's sounds promising. Thanks again! Aug 12, 2020 at 20:22

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