I've been trying to switch between SharePoint REST API and Graph API and I can't find an equivalent of breakroleinheritance()


doesn't seem to have a matching functionality in graph.

I tried listing all permissions via /drives/${driveId}/items/${someFolderId}/permissions and deleting them one by one, but it silently fails on one permission that's the main owners group and I can't delete it.

Tried looking for role management in Graph API but there's role management only for devices.

How do I break role inheritance through Graph API?

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I think MS Graph API has not exposed such an endpoint that could break role inheritance. You may have to continue using the old rest API.


  • With the app authorization that looks like a phishing attack, I'd rather have a regular oauth to Graph API and less features :)
    – naugtur
    Commented Sep 25, 2020 at 8:13

In case anybody's looking for this, according to the docs you can break inheritance by sending a sharing invite and setting retainInheritedPermissions to false

Unfortunately for the moment it forms a bad request. An issue has been logged here - hopefully it will be fixed soon. For now, as @Baker_Kong says, the old API seems to be the only working way to do this

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