I've been tasked with cleaning up a Term Store. The term store has six Term Groups each with a couple of Term Sets. By the looks of things someone has "played about" with creating a taxonomy but it never really went anywhere.

  1. What are the dangers, if any, of just deleting these?
  2. Is there a PowerShell I can use to report on the usage of the term sets which have been created?


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Quote from article:

When you delete a term from the Term Store it is permanently gone from the Term Store; however, if you had any documents or items tagged against it, they will not lose that Term (metadata) until the next time a user tries to tag a record (at which point the user will need to choose a new Term)

Refer to the following article about PowerShell script to find managed metadata column and all Managed Metadata Terms in use:(If you are using SharePoint online, remember to change Get-SPSite to Get SPOSite)


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