I have a SharePoint TeamSite which is a document factory for policies, procedures etc. There is one subsite per department (HR, Finance, etc.), each containing a document library with content types for policies, procedures, etc. so that each department can create documents with e.g. New->Policy

Normally by default in SP, each library has its own "local" Word template file, but the Policy template is identical for all departments so I thought of putting the Word Template in a library in the TeamSite root and link each library content type to that unique Word template.

This seems to cause issues when creating new documents with fields not working properly in the Properties Panel. I suspect it is due to the ContentTypeID in CustomXML which does not refer properly to a given library content-type.

Is it ever possible to do what I'm trying to achieve ? Or am I forced to duplicate everything and have "HR Policy", "Finance Policy" templates strictly identical but with specific CustomXML ? And if that's the only option, can I manually (e.g. VBA) set the correct content type GUIDs in each document ? (so for example I can have a Master Policy template which generates HR Policy, Finance Policy etc. with the correct content type GUIDs)

I understand this is very advanced use of SharePoint/Word integration, I could really not find much documentation either here or on Microsoft.


  • Forgot to mention that I'm of course using one Site Content Type for Policy, Procedure, etc. – Clipper Aug 7 '20 at 8:51

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