I am stuck with this urgent issue, same as Harris' issue here.

In Central Administration, under "Manage Content Databases", for my main WebApplication, here is the two content databases I have for my main WebApp (there is another one for the MySite WebApp, but I do not show it, it is irrelevant)

CentralAdministration displays 2 SPContentDatabases for my main WebApp

And what's more is that the Database "WSS_Content" has the status "Error".

Now, when running Get-SPContentDatabase, here is the result :

result of commandlet Get-SPContentDatabase

As you can see, I get WSS_Content_002 and WSS_Content_france_MySite, which is the database for MySite WebApp. I am missing a SP Content Database here !

As said in comment of Harris question, I checked that the database is still existing under my SQL Server : It is !

By checking under my SQL Server > Disk X > MySQLInstance > DATA :

under sql server files, database exists

I can see all the Content Databases listed under the Central Administration

I think this database's error status is related to the fact that my users meet issues uploading items.

So, I don't know why I have issues, what is the exact error... could you help me with that please ? Thank you ! :)

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Check the status

$db = Get-SPContentDatabase <error'ed db name>


Set it to start if it is not Online:

$db = Get-SPContentDatabase <error'ed db name>

$db.Status = "Online"


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