Is there any way to get particular user's SPO access token through client id and secret of the custom application registered inside SPO site collection ? I do not want to show the consent screen to the user but still acquire the access token through client id and secret of the SPO app.


We suggest you use app-only token to silently make requests. It's not possible to get other user's token without user interaction.

You may take a reference of :


  • Thank you very much @Baker_Kong_MSFT for taking out time to answer my question. I was able to acquire app-only token through client credential flow. Just wanted to know if there is any OAuth flow or something else that i can use to acquire user's access token through client id and secret. I have gone through a lot over the internet and did not find anything like that and your expert opinion helped me as well to conclude what i am looking is not supported at the moment. Aug 5 '20 at 14:42

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