When a item is created or modified I receive an alert in my inbox. This is the OOTB alert, which is really nice because it provides great detail and identities changes of an item.

What I want to happen now is that alert be forwarded to the “assigned to” email address from the item. Like this...

Email received as SP alert > data pulled from the list / item (I imagine this will be done external of the actual email but via the list / item itself) > email forwarded to the “assigned to” email address

Seems pretty straight forward when I write it out but I can’t seem to find a way to pull the data needed from the list and apply that to an email already received then forward accordingly...


If your list is an Issue Tracking or Tasks list, then you can enable the E-Mail Notification setting in List Settings > Advanced settings. This setting emails the user when ownership is assigned or when an item has been changed.

If you're not using this type of list, you could create a SharePoint workflow that emails the "Assigned To" user when an item has changed. You can do this by setting the workflow to run when an item has changed.

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