In SharePoint online, I have created a document library, that uses lists for the required field columns that I have selected. I have then created a customized form for the library. When I am in the site contents, and select the library, I can add an item and choose 'edit all' to pull up my customized form and it works as expected. As soon as I add the library to a new webpart, I am no longer able to access my customized form.

Is a customized form only available at the library level? I created one, and added the library to my webpart, and when i try to add a library item that way i'm not given the option to use my customized form for required fields.


Per my test, there is no Property menu in the document library web part.

As a workaround, we could open the details pane of the document to change the properties that you have added in the customized form.

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