Is it possible to have a site-collection created with web parts already loaded on it? Much like templates from 2013? Currently I have built a JSON template for all the document libraries, lists, etc.. I am looking to build a template for the web parts but can it be done through powershell, azure, etc?

I would prefer not to use the "Save site as a template" that is hidden.

Any ideas?

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If you wish to build a template for modern web parts, consider using PnP Provisioning Engine from PnP PowerShell modules. See a reference here: Web/Site Templates in SharePoint Online Modern Pages? No problem.

For classic web parts, here is one option to use Visual Studio: Create web parts for SharePoint.


For SharePoint Online, you may want to investigate using the PnP provisioning engine. The example uses a site design to apply a PnP provisioning template to a site.

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