my question is pretty similar to Can the "Script Editor" webpart retrieve values from a list? . But I can not adopt the solution or rather understand it (Sorry, I am not a programmer)


I have a document library in Sharepoint. Each document set represents a running project in my team. When a new project (=document set) is created a workflow starts and automatically creates a new empty task list.

Document set: https://linktomysharepoint/.../projects/doc-library/Project-test123
Task list: https://linktomysharepoint/.../projects/Lists/Project-test123

This works fine. The URL of the task list is also written to a field of the document set.


When I open one document set in the library I would like to see the corresponding task list directly below the document set.


I want to use the script editor below the document set to show an iframe

<iframe src="https://linktomysharepoint/.../projects/Lists/Project-test123"></iframe>

But with dynamically content, so e.g.

<iframe src="{URL from field}"></iframe>

Someone can help me?


PS: I don't want to create a new site, which shows document set and task liste separately. I want the task list directly below the document set.

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Firstly,you could use rest api get URL from field.

Official document:


Secondly,you could use js/jQuery set the iframe src property.

$("iframe ").attr("src", "url from field");

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